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Film Review: ‘Wrath of Man’: Guy Ritchie Film Gets Lost in Translation

The Epoch Times 17 May 2021
7 May 2021 (USA) What makes a Guy Ritchie movie unique? They tend to star world-class cinematic butt-kicker Jason Statham. Ritchie and Statham’s ... These are movies that tough guys (make that.

Jason Statham Reveals One Big Reason He'd Love To Appear In Fast 10

Cinema Blend 14 May 2021
Everyone from Oscar winners to WWE heavyweights to action stars have become synonymous with the film series, including Jason Statham ... Since debuting as Deckard Shaw in Fast & Furious 6, Jason Statham has been intertwined with the franchise over the past decade ... Jason Statham’s return to the world of fast cars and amazing stunts would be welcomed.

Improbable hero: Jason Statham’s security guard character springs to vengeance in ‘Wrath of Man’

Albuquerque Journal 14 May 2021
If we’re gonna have a Jason Statham movie, let’s have Jason Statham around nearly all of the time – and oh, yeah, let’s not disguise him in body armor and a reflective helmet in the penultimate action scene, making it virtually impossible to distinguish him from a half-dozen other gun-wielding men.

Mike at the Movies

The Capital Journal 14 May 2021
... the end at the end is how director/writer/producer Guy Ritchie manages to make “Wrath of Man,” which could coast along as one of Jason Statham’s better -- if still formulaic -- movies, a convoluted group of short films about an unusually unlucky Los Angeles armored car business.

Kate Netflix Movie Images Reveal Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Action-Thriller

Collider 14 May 2021
The premise sounds awfully similar to Jason Statham’s absolutely bonkers Crank movies, and if Kate can replicate anything close to that level of gonzo insanity then Netflix could be on to a real winner. Winstead has more than proven her action chops over the years in movies like Death Proof, Scott Pilgrim vs.

Murder mystery: Amy Adams is the 'Woman in the Window'

The Patriot Ledger 14 May 2021
Case in point, “The Woman in the Window.” The Netflix entry boasts a fabulous cast and a well-respected director in Joe Wright, but the product produced possesses all the depth of a generic Lifetime movie ... And he has the real Jane Russell (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to prove it ... Jason Statham is out for revenge in Guy Ritchie's 'Wrath of Man'.

FILM REVIEW: Wrath of Man

Gulf Daily News 13 May 2021
But one thing you can always trust Guy Ritchie as well as walking-talking-and-rimrocking action figure Jason Statham to do – entertain you for two hours ... The movie follows a mysterious security guard Patrick Hill (Statham) who joins a cash truck company, proving very soon that his precision shooting skills far outqualify him for the job.

CALLERI: Director Guy Ritchie returns to dramatic action with 'Wrath Of Man'

Lockport Union-Sun 13 May 2021
Wrath Of Man” features one of Ritchie’s favorite actors, Jason Statham, who, as I have written before, stars in that sterling example of action movie perfection, “The Transporter,” which is the 2002 “never open the package” thriller from director Corey Yuen ... He willingly tackles myriad themes and makes movies with small or large budgets.

Wrath of Man is a three-potato action adventure

Jacksonville Progress 13 May 2021
Wrath of Man (R, 119 minutes) stars Jason Statham, which tells you immediately that the movie will be an action adventure picture ... In the most recent incident, Statham’s son was an ...

Film Shorts // May 12-18, 2021

Fort Worth Weekly 13 May 2021
Finding You (PG) This romance stars Rose Reid as an American violin student who falls for a young Irish movie star (Jedidiah Goodacre) while studying abroad ... Demon Slayer the Movie ... Wrath of Man (R) If you want the familiar comforts of Jason Statham shooting people, this movie delivers ... Statham plays an Englishman in L.A.

Wrath Of Man: Guy Ritchie On His Screen Reunion With Jason Statham – Exclusive Image

Empire 12 May 2021
Right at the start of his career, Jason Statham made his movie debut in the films of Guy Ritchie – his first feature was Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, and he followed it up with a role in Ritchie’s follow-up Snatch. From there, Statham has gone on to become a ...

Danny DeVito and Aubrey Plaza teaming up for new animated horror sitcom

Games Radar 12 May 2021
Her next movie project is the comedy Spin Me Around alongside Alison Brie. She recently starred in the thriller Black Bear and she's currently filming Five Eyes, an upcoming spy movie from Guy Ritchie, alongside Jason Statham and Hugh Grant.

Upcoming Jason Statham Movies: What's Ahead For The Wrath Of Man Star

Cinema Blend 11 May 2021
Since it's currently in post-production, though, it's not impossible to presume that we might be getting two Jason Statham/Guy Ritchie movies in one year ... Over the course of two decades (well, technically three), Jason Statham has carved a comfortable ... Recent Jason Statham Movies.

See what critics and fans have to say about Guy Ritchie’s ‘Wrath of Man’

Hollywood 11 May 2021
Austin Collins said that Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham have “got the compatible swagger that makes the movie worth watching.” K Austin Collins describes Jason Statham’s character as a “divorcee with a dark past.” His sought-after revenge carries the two-hour thriller. .